Honda Fit Junior is photographed under tests in Brazil

Toyota has developed a B segment car to compete in developing markets, but has not suceeded in getting it right. Currently, the Etios only sells because of the brand’s reputation for reliable vehicles, but no one desires to have one. It is just the sensible choice. Honda does not want to commit the same mistake and was said to be developing a B segment car that would look like a small Fit, earning part of its appeal and, eventually, performing as well as its bigger brother in sales. Now the Brazilian website Autos Segredos, with the help of the reader Victor Vizeu, has managed to confirm the rumours. Honda really is developing a new B car that looks like the first Fit (also known as Jazz in some markets). The Japanese magazine MotoX has even risked a rendering of it. Check it below. We are not sure it is very accurate, but it can give us a fairly good idea of how it will look like.

The green plates the car is using, specific for prototypes to be legally tested in Brazil, denounces the origin of the vehicle. It is from Sumaré, the same city in which Honda has its first Brazilian factory (the other one is being built in Itirapina).

The new “Fit Junior” will be powered by the 1.0 VTEC 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that Honda has recently revealed, able to generate up to 95 kW. Since Honda intends to sell it at reasonable prices, the car will be considerably simpler than its current line up. Prices are expected to be around R$ 30,000, or US$8,000.

Earlier reports stated Honda has considered the Brio for the Brazilian market, but the car was just too small to please. The new project will be much roomier, even if smaller than the current Fit. In most cases, especially in emerging markets, cars just have to fit its owners pockets. Autos Segredos has more images of the new car. Go check them through the link below.

Source: Autos Segredos

UPDATE: Our friends at Autos Segredos told us the photographed car was not the Fit Junior, but a version of the original car called Twist. Anyway, the B hatch is being tested and the information we have gathered is accurate. Keep your eyes open. You may be the first to snap the new car.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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