How will the new Fiat Punto look like? Here’s a guess from OmniAuto

The fourth generation Punto is under development in Europe. There is also a replacement for it under development in Brazil, under the codename X6H. According to a report from the Italian website OmniAuto, these B segment hatchbacks will have absolutely nothing in common, even if both receive the name Punto. And here is how the European car shall look like, if the information OmniAuto has gathered is accurate.

For starters, the European Punto will be built over the SUSW platform, the same one used by the fraternal twins Jeep Renegade/Fiat 500X, the 500L and the new Aegea/Tipo. The Brazilian X6H will be manufactured over the 326/327 platform developed in Brazil for Palio and Uno, respectively, as we have already explained here. All other differences between these cars will be secondary, but also worthy knowing.

Engines will be different. The Brazilian developed model will have no diesel option, since diesel passenger car are forbidden in the country, and its smallest engine will be the 1.4 GSE, formerly known as Fire. In Europe, this engine will probably be ditched in favour of the TwinAir 0.9. While the new Tipo is already for sale in the Old Continent (in sedan guise), with a very low price tag for European standards, the new X6H is expected to replace the Palio and the Punto at the same time. And Fiat will probably not offer a C segment hatchback for South America. With the Brazilian economic crisis, this market segment has lost a lot of share.

Source: OmniAuto

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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