Will the next generation Alfa Romeo Giulietta be rear-wheel drive?

When it comes to the Alfa Romeo heritage, there is no question the future Giulia has done the right thing. No luxury brand can afford to offer only front-wheel drive cars. Audi, for example, has the quattro system as the option for its most sophisticated models, while the simpler ones are reffered to as expensive Volkswagen cars. BMW is evaluating front-wheel drive for the 1 Series, but it will be destined to clients that have never had a BMW and want to join the client’s list of the brand, not for the ones that are already there. These are the ones the new Alfa Romeo is trying to attract: people that are passionate about driving dynamics. This is why AutoExpress claims that the new Giulietta will be rear-wheel drive makes perfect sense. And if it looks as good as AutoExpress rendering you can see above, competitors will have much to worry about it.

The new C segment hatchback will be built over a shortened Giorgio platform, the same one that underpins the Giulia. It is a wise strategy in order to amortize the costs of development. The more models built over it, the faster these costs are paid off.

If BMW really moves to a front-wheel drive 1 Series, built over the UKL platform, the same one used by Mini and the 2 Series Active Tourer, Alfa Romeo may even become the only brand to offer a rear-wheel drive hatchback. BMW must be aware of that. Even if the German company avoids giving such a present for the Italian, the fact is only two would offer this sort of treat. And the right clients will always bear that in mind.

Source: AutoExpress

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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