Jeep 551 will probably be named Compass

The replacement for the Jeep Patriot and Compass, developed under the code 551, will be released in April, at the 2016 New York Auto Show, and will retain one of the two names, according to what Jeep’s CEO, Mike Manley, has declared in an interview for The Detroit News. We bet on Compass to be the new name of the C segment SUV. It will be built over the same platform used by the Renegade, the SUSW, but a little stretched, as longer Renegade mules have revealed. In what relates to the name, the Compass is already sold in foreign markets and Jeep aims to increase its global presence. Patriot would probably not have a warm reception in other markets other than the American.

In the image above, created by the website Autos Segredos, it is possible to see the car will adopt a more conservative front end when compared to the Cherokee. Engines will likely be the same ones already used by Renegade, such as the 2.0 MultiJet turbodiesel engine, able to produce 125 kW, and a 2.0 petrol WGE (World Gasoline Engine), previously known as TigerShark, that will generate 118 kW. In Brazil, where the new Compass will also be produced, it will be a flex engine, generating 119 kW with ethanol. The 2.0 WGE will probably be also adopted by the Renegade that is manufactured in Goiana, Brazil. The only transmission available will probably be the 9-speed ZF gearbox already employed by the Renegade.

Source: Autos Segredos

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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