Volvo is developing a Polestar Drive-E engine with two turbochargers and a supercharger!

Last year, Volvo has presented a prototype engine that featured 2 turbocharger which were fed by an electric turbocharger. This engine produced 336 kW. New rumors state that Volvo is developing a production version of such engine in order to use them in Polestar versions. But the electric turbocharger would probably be replaced by a common supercharger, with the same output goal. Check the engine presented last year below.


According to Auto Express, the new engine could be seen under the hood of the Polestart version of the new generation S60, possibly around 2019. If electric turbochargers prove to be feasible, it may reach production unchanged. Volvo wants to prove it is serious about performance. The new engine could be the better statement to reinforce that.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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