EDAG Soulmate showcases new technologies at the Geneva Motor Show

Keeping its tradition of presenting new technologies at the Geneva Motor Show, EDAG has taken there the new EDAG Soulmate, an open top vehicle that follows the steps of the Light Cocoon Concept in order to envision how the car of the future may be. And it has the mission to advance 3 new technologies: additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, autonomous driving and V2V communication.

EDAG Soulmate - Concept Car 2016 - Exterior 3

EDAG Soulmate - Concept Car 2016 - Interior 3 EDAG Soulmate - Concept Car 2016 - Interior 1 EDAG Soulmate - Concept Car 2016 - Details 2 EDAG Soulmate - Concept Car 2016 - Exterior

According to the company, the EDAG Soulmate will respond to driver’s gestures, something we have already seen in the VW Golf and BMW 7-Series. But not only that. The car would be able to adapt to the surrounding environment. This is why it has an illuminated body: it can change colors to warn other drivers about dangers. If someone riding a bike is on the road, the Soulmate turns red on the side the biker is, in order to warn the driver. If traffic stops suddenly, it can become entirely red, to warn drivers coming from behind so that they can slow down. As you can see in the pictures above, the Soulmate has an integrated dashboard and central console. They produce a T-shaped screen that presents all car system controls other than driving.

EDAG Soulmate - Concept Car 2016 - Exterior 2

The EDAG Soulmate was jointly developed with Bosch, responsible for the autonomous driving and internet of things technology. The structure of the car has been produced with 3D printing. According to EDAG, the technology is almost ready for mass-production of parts, what will allow for a lower price for low volume vehicles and no more moulds for stamping, since the parts are made of metal.

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