Fiat Toro will give birth to a new RAM midsize pick-up in the USA: the RAM Rampage

Many websites have recently said there is a rumor of a new midsize pick-up from RAM, which would bring back a midsize truck to FCA’s line-up. But the truth is that this is reheated news. We have already said that and Car and Driver has brought this even earlier, in May 2015. The 226 project, as Fiat Toro was named, already predicted a RAM version. And the RAM version of the vehicle will be called Rampage.


fiat_toro_freedom_flex_027 fiat_toro_freedom_flex_044 fiat_toro_freedom_flex_045 fiat_toro_freedom_flex_046

Car and Driver has even made a rendering of the new pick-up that resembles the Toro very much (check it on their original article). The magazine says it will be powered by a 1.4 MultiAir 4 cylinder turbocharged engine and a 2.4 TigerShark naturally aspirated engine. We seriously doubt the 1.4 MultiAir engine. It is more likely to have the 2.0 Multijet turbodiesel engine that already powers the Toro. The 2.4 engine, already used by the Jeep Renegade, is almost a certainty.


fiat_toro_freedom_flex_042 fiat_toro_freedom_flex_041 fiat_toro_freedom_flex_049 fiat_toro_freedom_diesel_007

In case you want to know how the future RAM Rampage rides, you can check it on our exclusive review in English of Fiat’s new midsize unibody pick-up. According to Car and Driver, the RAM Rampage will be produced in Toluca, but we see a possibility, even if a small one, that it is also exported to the USA from Brazil if that is competitive. Brazilian vehicles, due to infrastructure and taxes matters, normally are not.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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