Honda shows how the new Civic Hatchback will be like at the Geneva Motor Show

We have already brought you images of the Honda Civic Hatchback, officially named Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype, so there was little news to bring you until Honda decided to release a few data about the car. It is a pity that we had to dig out most of what we have to inform here. And we will explain that to you right after this video.

Honda states the new Civic Hatchback is 30 mm wider, 20 mm shorter and 130 mm longer than the current Civic Hatchback. Wouldn’t it be much easier to say the car is 4.43 m long, 1.80 m wide, 1.57 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.70 m? Honda has not informed the wheelbase, but it is obviously equal to the sedan’s. The previous Honda Civic Hatchback was smaller because it was built over the Honda Fit/Jazz platform. The future one will not.

Civic Hatchback Prototype

Civic Hatchback Prototype Civic Hatchback Prototype Civic Hatchback Prototype Civic Hatchback Prototype

The “Prototype” uses 19-inch alloy wheels, with 245/35 ZR19 Continental tires. We have discovered that by enhancing the high-definition pictures of the car. Honda says “the larger tires and wheels” make the car look more confident. Why not tell how big these larger wheels are?

Civic Hatchback Prototype

Civic Hatchback Prototype Civic Hatchback Prototype

There is no word on the engine that powers the Civic Hatchback Prototype, but we are sure it will receive a 118 kW 2.0 4-cylinder or a 130 kW 1.5 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. In Europe it will surely also receive turbodiesel options, but the pinnacle of the line will be the 228 kW 2.0 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that is supposed to power the future Civic Type-R. Probably a very similar car to this one presented in Geneva. Let’s cross our fingers hoping for that.

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