Italdesign GTZero was supposed to be a GT, but is an electric shooting brake

Italdesign has lost its master, Giorgetto Giugiaro, but it seems to remain in excellent shape. This is what the Italdesign GTZero tries to state. Although its name implies it is a GT, it is, in fact, an electric shooting brake. A very respectful one.

The GTZero is 4.92 m long, 1.97 m wide, 1.27 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.88 m. It weighs 1,980 kg, quite a heavy vehicle, but this is due to its large batteries. Besides driving the GTZero to a top speed of 250 km/h (electronically governed), they offer a range of 500 km.


Italdesign_GTZERO_1 Italdesign_GTZERO_3 Italdesign_GTZERO_6 Italdesign_GTZERO_5

It is powered by 3 electric engines, 1 for the front axle, delivering 140 kW, and the other 2 for the rear axle, each of them producing 110 kW. That amounts to 360 kW. The battery pack can have 80% of its charge back in 30 minutes when the car is plugged to its supercharger.


Italdesign_GTZERO_int3 Italdesign_GTZERO_int2 Italdesign_GTZERO_8 Italdesign_GTZERO_int4

Italdesign says the GTZero is a 2+2 vehicle, but that it can be converted into a 3+1 vehicle, something that is not fully explained by the press material nor by the video above. Only 2 doors grant access to the interior of the GTZero. It uses Pirelli P Zero Nero tires, with 295/25 R22 on the front wheels and 315/25 R23 in the back.


Italdesign_GTZERO_int Italdesign_GTZERO_int6

It is a pity that it is just a design exercise. If Volkswagen ever decides to produce the GTZero, since it controls Italdesign, it would be a much more conventional car, for sure.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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