Subaru releases first images of the fifth generation Impreza, the first SGP car

Subaru has recently announced its new modular platform, the SGP (Subaru Global Platform). And the first vehicle to use it would be the fifth generation Impreza. And here it is.


Subaru-Impreza-3 Subaru-Impreza-2

The interior is up there and it seems simple and direct to the point, as most Subaru interiors tend to be. Have a look at the rear of the new sedan.

Subaru of America Impreza

The new car is 4.63 m long, 1.78 m wide, 1.46 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.67 m.

Subaru of America Impreza

The car was supposed to be equipped with a new generation of 2.0 4 cylinder boxer engine, probably with cylinder deactivation technology, but it was not this time. The FB 2.0 boxer engine has just been revamped, with 80% of new parts. According to Subaru, the changes have made it lighter and more fuel efficient. It delivers 113 kW, but Subaru does not inform at which engine speed. Nor its torque. Have a look at the new hatchback.


Subaru-Impreza-hatchback-12 Subaru-Impreza-hatchback-11 Subaru-Impreza-hatchback-10 Subaru-Impreza-hatchback-8

The 2-box model is 4.46 m long, retaining all the other measures, including the 2.67 m wheelbase.

The new WRX STi would be a hybrid, with an electric motor for the rear axle. Its 2.0 engine would produce around 240 kW. But we still need to confirm what Subaru reserves for the fifth generation Impreza. We’ll keep you posted.

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