The new Renault Koleos has a clear target: the VW Touareg

After Renault anticipated the Koleos presentation in a few days, the French automaker has shown its first D segment SUV at the Beijing Motor Show. And the reason for presenting it there is quite clear: Renault wants the Koleos to be an alternative to sedans, which are particularly popular in China. Volkswagen is also very popular in that market. And the Volkswagen Touareg is from day one the main Koleos competitor.

The new Koleos has no relation to the other SUV with the same name apart from being a Renault and from being an SUV.


Renault-Koleos-6 Renault-Koleos-5 Renault-Koleos-4 Renault-Koleos-3

The new model is 4.67 m long, 1.84 m wide and has a wheelbase of 2.71 m. Renault does not inform how tall it is, but has said it has a ground clearance of 21 cm and a seating position, considering the car floor, that it 15 cm higher than Talisman‘s, a sedan with which Koleos shares the CMF-C/D platform.


Renault-Koleos-12 Renault-Koleos-13 Renault-Koleos-11 Renault-Koleos-9

The Koleos has a luggage compartment of 624 l. With the second row of seats folded (the SUV seats 5 people), the luggage compartment can grow to up to 1,946 l. Its R-LINK 2 multimedia system offers navigation, Bluetooth connection to cell phones, radio and multimedia controls in a 7-inch horizontal touchscreen or a 8.7-inch vertical touchscreen. We just hope the R-LINK 2 is now compatible with all mobiles: the R-LINK only allowed connection with a few models of cell phones. All the others suffered from a continuous disconnection that was extremely irritating.


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Renault does not mention that, but the Koleos apparently has 4 leather color options for its interior. The SUV also tries to lives up to its proposition and is not intended solely as a taller sedan. It has an angle of attack of 19º and a departure angle of 26º. Its ALL MODE 4×4-i system allows the driver to choose front wheel traction or in all 4 wheels. There are 2 options of 4WD: AUTO, which splits the torque between the front and rear axle depending on the grip, and LOCK, which makes it a full-time 4WD vehicle. It is a pity it will probably be an option in most of the 80 markets where the Koleos will be sold.



Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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