Second generation Brio, or Fit Junior, will be a world project, according to the Honda India CEO

Old readers of MotorChase must remember we are following very carefully the project of the so-called Honda Fit Junior, a smaller hatchback from the Japanese manufacturer. But, if you give it a considerate thought, you will come to the same conclusion we have: the Fit Junior is nothing but the Honda Brio, or its replacement. And now we have heard from Yoichiro Ueno, president and CEO of Honda Cars India, that the new Brio will be a world project. Aren’t these two stories a perfect match in this puzzle?


Honda-Brio-3 Honda-Brio-2

Ueno has spoken to Autocar Pro and the matter came to our attention with the help of Indian Autos Blog. According to the Japanese CEO, the new Brio platform is being developed in Thailand with the help of the teams from Japan and India. The new car will be sold in many more markets than India, what includes the current markets for the car, such as South East Asia countries (Thailand, Vietnam etc.) and South Africa, but also the ones that have a demand for B-segment cars, such as Latin America, China and probably Europe, even if in only some countries there.


Honda-Amaze-3 Honda-Amaze-2

The current Brio was considered as an option for Latin America, but it was deemed as too small and too expensive to be sold there. Only a bigger model, such as the one that is being currently developed, would be successful in these markets. The codename for the hatchback is 2UA and the codename for the sedan, called Amaze, is 2UB. Production is expected to being in June 2018. Let’s hope Toyota has developed a better B segment vehicle than the Etios until then.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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