Volvo will reveal the XC40 in May 18. Check how it may look like, according to Teknikens Värld

Volvo is still teasing its followers on Snapchat about the new XC40. We even have a date of presentation for “the concept”: May 18. But the new images, while not really revealing, confirm the design the Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld has unveiled 2 years ago, more precisely in November 2014. And you should check them out in case you are also curious about the new C-segment crossover. They seem to be very, very precise.

Volvo XC40 illustration

We have not obtained good files of the new Volvo teasers, but this rendering is very faithful to the ones we have already published and also to the new ones, especially when it comes to the tail lights. Check them out.

Volvo XC40 illustration

One of the teasers is probably about the most important contribution of XC40 to Volvo: presenting the CMA platform to the world. The same one you can see in the video below, but in much more detail.

Being a modular architecture, or platform, as we have got used to calling these structures, makes them very versatile. These modules can make the same platform suit different sized cars. They can have a shorter or a longer wheelbase, shorter or longer overhangs, wider or narrower tracks, a lower or a higher ground clearance.


Volvo-CMA-3 Volvo-CMA-2

The “modularity” of the CMA architecture also relates to the engines.


It can use the 4-cylinder Drive-E, the 3-cylinder and yet to be presented Drive-E and even a hybrid powertrain. The batteries are installed in what used to be the transmission tunnel. When a car project already foresees this many applications, it gets cheaper to produce and allow for a much larger scale than any other traditional platform.

Besides Volvo, which has already insinuated that the CMA will suit a hatchback, a sedan, a convertible, a station wagon and a crossover, such as the XC40, Geely will also use the CMA. It will probably be called something else for the Chinese automaker, but it will be essentially the same thing apart from materials and probably the hybrid powertrain.

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