SCOOP! – Is this the new generation Mitsubishi Lancer or just a restyled model for China?

These images, obtained by Auto Sohu, in China, show the new Mitsubishi Lancer for that market, yet to be presented. Since the Chinese market is so fond of sedans, the images bring us another doubt beyond all the ones that the lack of information induces: will it be sold worldwide or it is a China-specific product?


We have very little information on the car apart from the pictures, but it seems to use the same platform of the current Lancer. That would be a way to save money on development until a new Lancer emerges. It will probably be built over the CMF C/D platform, from Renault and Nissan, which have bought Mitsubishi.


Although the platform may be the same, the car is different. Compare the new with the old one in the side views below. There are important differences, such as the shape of the rear doors, but also the side creases. In mere restylings, the side of the cars tend to be exactly the same or to present minor changes. None of them in stamping.



The interior of this Chinese Lancer is also different from the one seen in the current model. It would be too much investment for any car market, but not for the Chinese. In other words, it may go on sale only in China, but it would be bad for the company to wait on the development of a new generation from the CMF C/D platform. It will take at least 3 years of it to appear. And the Lancer is already old for the current industry standards. While a car lasts around 6 years, the fifth generation Lancer has been presented in 2007.

mitsubishi-lancer-2017-5 mitsubishi-lancer-2017-6

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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