Tesla Roadster completes 10 years today

Today Tesla is the leading electric car producer in the world, with cars that have an amazing reputation. But it all began back in July 19, 2006, with the introduction of the Roadster, a low volume sports car model that was not even entirely produced by Tesla, but was based on the Lotus Elise. Little did we know that it was the seed for the company (and the cars) we have today.


The Tesla Roadster was more of a right marketing strategy than the right product at the right time. It was not presented as an electric car, but as a desirable sports car that happened to be electric. It is 3.95 m long, 1.87 m wide, 1.13 m high and it has a wheelbase of 2.35 m. It is a 2-seater, as its name denounces, and it weighs 1,305 kg.


It has had 3 different electric powertrains for each of its evolutions. The first one, called 1.5, and the 2.0 were powered by a motor that delivered 185 kW and 270 Nm. The third one, called 2.5, had an engine able to produce 215 kW and 370 Nm. The last one, named 2.5 Sport, had the same output, but a bigger torque: 400 Nm.


Tesla has recently announced a battery upgrade called 3.0 that stretches the range, previously around 390 km, to 550 km. The upgrade will cost US$ 29,000, something Tesla says only covers the production expenses. Besides the battery pack, the company also removes, upgrades and reinstall the power electronics module (PEM).



Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

I have been an automotive journalist since 1998 and have worked for many important Brazilian newspapers and magazines, such as the local edition of Car and Driver and Quatro Rodas, Brazilian's biggest car magazine. I have also worked for foreign websites, such as World Car Fans and won a few journalism prizes, among them three SAE Journalism Awards and the 2017 IAM RoadSmart Safety Award. I am the author of "The Traffic Cholesterol", a book about bad drivers that you can buy at Hotmart, Google Play, Amazon and Kobo.