LEAKED! – This is the facelifted VW Golf VII, according to Autoblog.nl

The current generation of the VW Golf, the 7th, has first appeared in 2012. A 4-year career in the world of cars always demands some sort of renewal. And the Golf VII’s is expected to show up at this year’s Paris Motor Show. At least in the flesh, since we already have the images of what the car will look like thanks to Autoblog.nl.

In the image above you can spot the difference in the headlights. Instead of a single DRL LED line, they present 2 lines contouring the lighting elements. Compare the main image above with the current Golf. You will also notice that the front bumper is different. The inferior air intake is larger and its trapezoidal shape has been inverted. Its larger part is now closer to the ground, instead of to the front grille. The fog lamps are now also trapezoidal and there is a chrome bar over it and the air intake.


When it comes to the rear of the C-segment hatchback, you can also see changes in the bumper. Compare both below.


This will be the new one, with fake exhaust pipes in each side of the bumper. The car reflectors have also changed their shapes and have become rectangular. The tail lights are also different.

2014 Volkswagen Golf VII rear

The Golf GTI, with its unique appearance, will also be renewed. There are less fins in the sides of the front bumper: 2, instead of 3. The fog lamp niches also get a black frame. While the shape of the inferior air intake is still the same, it is larger, what gives the car a more aggressive look.



In the back, the changes are similar to the ones the common Golf will suffer.


Volkswagen Studie Golf GTI

The Golf Variant will also change. We did not get an image of its new rear bumper, but the front bumper will be exactly like the one of the regular Golf.


As we have already told you, expect the restyled cars to appear at the Paris Motor Show, in October. If they get delayed for any reason, Geneva will become the stage for their revelation.

Besides the appearance tweaks, the new Golf is expected to introduce the new 1.5 VGT 4-cylinder engine that will replace the current 1.4 TSI unit. Although it is larger than the outgoing engine, it works on the Miller cycle, what will make it much more fuel-efficient.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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