Bugatti sends Season’s Greetings with the new Chiron

Bugatti has already confirmed the official name of the Veyron replacement. It will be called Chiron, as rumours had already anticipated. Now the company has sent everyone its Season’s Greetings. The only problem is that the Christmas gift will only be unwrapped in March, when the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors. As you can seen in the image above.


That is the silhouette of the new Chiron. Even when it goes testing on the streets it is wrapped, as this recent video shows.

And it gets the company of other supercars, such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Lamborghini Huracán and the BMW i8. None of them on the same league, for sure. No car has managed to reach the level of luxury and performance Bugatti has attained with the Veyron. And intends to surpass with the Chiron.

Preliminary information state the car will have the same 8.0 W16 engine that was used by the Veyron, but with an increased power, close to 1,100 kW. Two of its four turbocharger are said to be electric, what will decrease (if not finish at all) any turbo lag and help it save fuel. With that kind of power, the Chiron will be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.3 s and to reach a top speed of over 450 km/h.

The car is said to resemble the Vision Gran Turismo Concept, conceived for Gran Turismo, but also a foresight. Compare the profile of the concept to the one Chiron presents. Take out the racing gear the Vision presents and we dare to say you have almost the same car.


bugatti-vision-gran-turismo-1 bugatti-vision-gran-turismo-2

Louis Chiron was a French racer that had the highest number of podiums with Bugatti cars, hence the hommage. Which is not the first the company pays him, by the way. The first Bugatti ever created under the VW command was the 18/3 Chiron, designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro and presented at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show. 18/3 is a reference to the engine, a W18 with 3 banks of six cylinders.


Bugatti-EB-18-3-Chiron-1999-2 Bugatti-EB-18-3-Chiron-1999-3

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