Porsche will change Boxster and Cayman names to 718

Porsche has confirmed today the long running rumours that it would change the names of the Boxster and the Cayman. Both would be integrated into a single family called 718. Not only to give them the same treatment the 911 receives, but also due to a fundamental change: the cars engines will be replaced by 4-cylinder units, instead of the current 6-pot placed behind the driver seat. If you have never heard of it, the 718 was a famous competition car in the 1950s equipped with a 4-cylinder engine.


The 718s will be released as 2017 models, probably at any important US auto show (not NAIAS; too soon). At first, they will retain the Boxster and Cayman names as a sort of a surname. The 718 Boxster, called Roadster at the press release (Freudian slip, anyone?), will be more expensive than the Coupé, or 718 Cayman, as it already happens with the 911 family. In a few years this is how you are going to name them: 718 Coupé and 718 Roadster.

The new 4-cylinder engines configuration has not been released so far. What we can have for sure is that all of them will be turbocharged. Since rumours have proved right in this case, they also state the new engines will be a 150 kW 1.6, a 215 kw 2.0 and a 250 kW 2.5 powerplant, able to reach up to 300 kW.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

I have been an automotive journalist since 1998 and have worked for many important Brazilian newspapers and magazines, such as the local edition of Car and Driver and Quatro Rodas, Brazilian's biggest car magazine. I have also worked for foreign websites, such as World Car Fans and won a few journalism prizes, among them three SAE Journalism Awards and the 2017 IAM RoadSmart Safety Award. I am the author of "The Traffic Cholesterol", a book about bad drivers that you can buy at Hotmart, Google Play, Amazon and Kobo.

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