Make no mistake: this is the new E-Class from Mercedes-Benz. E, not C

Once I had the chance to talk to Walter de Silva about design. And he got really pissed off with me when I asked him what did he think about the claims that all Volkswagen cars were looking exactly the same. So were Audi vehicles. I am not sure if Mercedes-Benz wanted to be part of this claim or if the company just had a Volkswagen moment, but the fact is the new E-Class can be easily taken for a bigger C Class. Or vice-versa. Have a look and try to say one from the other from these images (with no badge appearing).

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Known as W213, the new generation E Class will be fully revealed at the 2016 NAIAS, with all the technical information we would like to have right now and we currently don’t. It is just a matter of waiting a few more days. While the NAIAS does not open its doors, have a look at all the leaked images of the new D segment sedan from Mercedes-Benz. Here they are, including the images of the C and the E-Class with their badges on.

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