Next generation Nissan Micra/March will appear at the 2016 Paris Motor Show

In some countries, it is known as March. In some others, as Micra. But there is something that will not change when the new generation of the B segment hatchback from Nissan emerges: it will be bigger, roomier and more sophisticated. And it will show up at the 2016 edition of the Paris Motor Show, in October, according to the Italian website Al Volante, which has created the rendering you see above.


The new March/Micra will be 4 m long, much larger than the current 3.83 m hatchback built over the V platform, an architecture conceived for emerging markets, the same ones that are currently submerging in financial crisis apart from India. The new one will the produced over the CMF B platform. This platform is expected to be presented on the new generation of the Nissan Juke, expected for this year. If not at the Geneva Motor Show, in a simultaneous presentation with the new hatchback. The current Renault Clio, in its fourth generation, is still produced over the B platform. Modular architectures, such as the CMF, have been conceived in order to save money with massive gains of scale. The Micra/March will be produced in Flins, France, at the same plant that manufactures the Renault Clio. Other plants that may produce it are in Chennai, India, and Resende, in Brazil.


The crisis facing emerging markets may be the explanation in the strategy shift with Micra/March. They have not been so successful as Nissan expected in these markets and have lost a lot of space in developed countries to bigger and more refined projects, such as Ford Fiesta, VW Polo and even Renault Clio. The March has been outperformed by these competitors even in the countries it was developed for.


The Sway concept, presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, was said to be an anticipation of the next generation Micra/March. With the warm reception it had, few changes must be made in order to get it ready for mass production. It will have manual and automatic transmission, probably a CVT, and 3 and 4-cylinder engine options. Al Volante says European buyers should not count on diesel variants.

Considering how successful Renault is getting in India with the Kwid, we would not doubt Nissan could build its own car over the CMF A platform. It would be a way to replace the current Micra/March in markets where the price tag counts more than anything else in the buyers’ decision. At least in markets where Nissan has not tried to bring back the Datsun brand, such as India.

Source: Al Volante

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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