Ralph Gilles teases the interior of the Alfa Romeo SUV at Instagram

The guys from ICS Photogtraphy have been fast on this one. Ralph Gilles, now the head of design at FCA, has taken a photograph of his predecessor, Lorenzo Ramaciotti, inside a prototype. And this prototype is most certainly the new Alfa Romeo SUV, a vehicle that may be revealed as soon as the Geneva Motor Show, considering how completed it looks. Some would say Gilles has inadvertedly shown the car, but how inadvertedly can such a graduate executive act? He teased the SUV on purpose, for sure.


And how can we say this is the new Alfa Romeo SUV? Simply put, mostly because of the dashboard. It is very similar to the one presented by the new Giulia sedan, even if there are some noticeable differences. The steering wheel and the seats look more common than the ones seen on the Giulia, but we must not forget the only version of the sedan that has been shown is the top, the Quadrifoglio, with a manual 6-speed gearbox. The SUV will surely get an automatic transmission, as the lever in the picture Gilles has released suggests. Anyway, pay attention to the air vents and the white and red images that appear on the screen of the central console. Very Alfa, aren’t they?


It is clear the car is an SUV due to the fact that it is tall, that its cabin has a high roof and that Ramaciotti is comfortably seating on the edge of the luggage compartment, which shows the whole interior of the car, with its back seats tilted down. It could never be the sedan nor the station wagon that is also predicted to be built. Exclude the hatchback version as well. The car is too big to be a smaller version of the Giulia, a Giulietta, as the hatchback will be named.

The new SUV will be built over the rear-wheel drive Giorgio platform, the same one used by the Giulia. In other words, the SUV will have a sporty character, just like the sedan has. Expect for news on the Alfa Romeo SUV very soon. This picture is surely not the result of any sort of distraction.

Source: ICS Photogtraphy

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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