SCOOP! – Renault Kwid is already being tested in Brazil

A reader from Carplace has managed to take the first pictures of the new Renault Kwid undergoing tests in Brazil. The A segment hatchback, which will be produced in Brazil, is set to replace the Clio II, a car that is still for sale in the Brazilian market.


The Kwid is 3.68 m long, 1,58 m wide, 1.48 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.42 m. It has been considered by the Indian specialized journalists as a very roomy little car, something that is easy to explain due to its height and to the high H point, or else, where the hips are located when the driver seats in the car. The higher it is, the more space the car seems to have, even with a very short wheelbase. The trunk can carry up to 300 l of luggage.


In India, it is equipped with a 0.8 3-cylinder engine that generates 40 kW at 5,678 rpm (precise, isn’t it?) and 72 Nm at 4,386 rpm (amazing!), enough for the car’s light weight of only 660 kg. For the South American version (it will be exported to many countries from Brazil), the car will get Sandero rear-view mirrors (a way to save money, since the Sandero is also produced in Brazil) and a flex fuel engine.


The engine that will surely be used it the 1.0 3-cylinder sourced by Nissan (remember our hypothesis of a Kwid version for Nissan based on the Redi-GO?). In Nissan vehicles, this engine delivers 57 kW with ethanol and petrol. One that may or may not get here is the 0.8 engine. While our friends at Carplace state it will only be used in the Brazilian Kwid in the future, if ever, Autos Segredos claims it will have the 0.8 from the start, generating more than 44 kW with ethanol. Autos Segredos had already anticipated the car would come with Sandero’s rear-view mirrors, something the first pictures of the car in Brazilian soil have confirmed. The website also states the car was developed under the code XBB and that it will receive a new dashboard and better finishing materials in the interior.

The little car will be presented in Brazil at the São Paulo Auto Show, in November, with sales soon after the event. Anyway, considering how ready the car seems in the pictures, taken by the reader Wellington Morais, we would not be surprised with an earlier reveal. Check for more pictures at Carplace.

Source: Carplace

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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