This is what Autocar believes the new DS 3 will look like

When we asked our readers which car they would ask Santa Claus if they could, the Citroën DS3 was among the favourites. But it will soon leave the Citroën brand in order to be called just 3. Or DS 3, if you prefer. And the image above is what the British magazine Autocar believes the new DS 3 will look like.

According to the magazine, the DS 3 is the brand’s best seller, with 48% of all DS sales in 2014. The “new generation” of the car will have to keep that pace up and continue to rival the Mini as a more affordable alternative.

The DS 3 is said to have taken inspiration from the DS Divine 2020 concept and to be more rounded than the outgoing model. It will not only keep its characteristic C-pillars, but also the same platform and engines it now uses. Apart from the design differences, it will also offer a more refined interior. This may lead many to think it will in fact receive a major facelift, but we will have to check the car in order to make up our minds. Autocar says the new B segment PSA platform will only be ready in 2018, but what about the EMP2, which was supposed to underpin B segment vehicles up to C or even D segment cars? We don’t know.

The new DS 3 will also have a SUV version, which is expected for 2019. It will probably have a more aggressive design in order to compete with the Nissan Juke. But who knows if the Juke’s new generation, expected to appear in 2016, will not bring down its lines to a more conventional look? Another mystery to solve along this year.

Source: Autocar

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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