Arash Motor Company previews the AF10 Hybrid, a 1,551 kW beast

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show will not be a meaningful event only for mainstream carmakers. Small ones, such as Arash Motor Company, will also use that stage to present big surprises. Such as the AF10 Hybrid, equipped with the so-called Hyper Drive System. It has nothing less than 4 electric engines, one for each wheel, plus a 6.2 supercharged V8, which could be a LS9 or a Hemi, due to the specifications, but is GM sourced. Total output reaches 1,551 kW, for a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of only 2.8 s, similar to the one presented by the all-electric Rimac Concept_One.


Arash-AF10-14 Arash-AF10-4 Arash-AF10-3 Arash-AF10-2

The AF10 is not exactly new. It has been presented in 2009, but the Hyper Drive System has never been presented. Each of its electric engines produces 220 kW and 270 Nm. If the car was fully electric, it would already have very respectable 880 kW and 1080 Nm, but it also counts on 671 kW and 1,200 Nm from the LS9 engine. Each electric engine has its own 2-speed gearbox, while the combustion engine has a 6-speed manual or a semi-automatic transmission with paddle shifter and the same number of speeds.


Arash-AF10-9 Arash-AF10-8 Arash-AF10-7 Arash-AF10-6

The Arash AF10 is 4.65 m long, 2 m wide, 1.17 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2,73 m. Total weight is not informed.


Arash-AF8-5 Arash-AF8-4 Arash-AF8-3 Arash-AF8-2

Besides the new AF10 Hybrid, the company will also take the AF8 Cassini, a version of the smaller supercar Arash has presented in 2014. It is powered by a GM 7.0 V8 that generates 418 kW at 7,500 rpm 645 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The AF8 is 4.15 m long, 1.90 m wide, 1.1 m tall and weighs 1,200 kg.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

I have been an automotive journalist since 1998 and have worked for many important Brazilian newspapers and magazines, such as the local edition of Car and Driver and Quatro Rodas, Brazilian's biggest car magazine. I have also worked for foreign websites, such as World Car Fans and won a few journalism prizes, among them three SAE Journalism Awards and the 2017 IAM RoadSmart Safety Award. I am the author of "The Traffic Cholesterol", a book about bad drivers that you can buy at Hotmart, Google Play, Amazon and Kobo.

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