Renault presents the Alpine Vision, aka A120

Renault has frustrated us. And also cheered us. The frustration comes from the fact that it has presented today yet another concept of its future Alpine sports car. And the enthusiasm comes from what this car can become when it is mass-produced. Called Alpine Vision, this concept anticipates the future A120. And the future looks glorious!


Alpine-Vision-23 Alpine-Vision-22 Alpine-Vision-21 Alpine-Vision-20

Another frustration is the lack of technical specifications for the concept. There is no confirmation of the preliminary information we have already published. For what we know so far, the A120 will be powered by a 220 kW 1.8 TCe petrol engine, probably derived from the 1.6 TCe used by the Clio RS.

Alpine-Vision-24Alpine-Vision-25 Alpine-Vision-26 Alpine-Vision-17 Alpine-Vision-18

The engine will be placed behind the front seats, which will be the only ones in the two-seater. In other words, it will be mid-rear positioned. The transmission will be the same 7-speed automated dual clutch transmission used by the Renault Talisman and the car will be a rear-wheel drive machine. Weight, as in all Alpine models, will be very low, around 1,100 kg. The former goal was to have a 1,000 kg car, but it would only be possible with the use of carbon fiber, what would make the new Alpine very expensive.

Check below all images of the new concept.

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