This is how the VW Polo SUV, or T-Cross, should look like, according to RM Car Design

Volkswagen has presented the T-Cross Breeze at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Although it was a drop top SUV, the real importance of this concept was to introduce the Polo SUV that will be presented in 2 years or even less than that. The company has not released any technical details on the new vehicle, which will probably be built over the MQB platform. But that did not refrain the designer Remco Meulendijk from trying to figure out how the B segment SUV will be. Check his vision of the future vehicle above and below.

VW-T-Cross rendering-RM-Car-Design-2

Besides drawing the car, Meulendijk also reminds us of some of the possible names for it, all of them starting with a T: Teracor, Tribue and Terasun. Taigun was the name of the up! based SUV presented at the Sao Paulo Motor Show and we do not think it will be applied to this SUV, much larger, but the designer thinks it is another possibility. T-Cross, the name of the concept, is also a strong competitor.

The new SUV will be offered as a front-wheel drive or an AWD vehicle, powered by a 1.0 3-cylinder turbocharged engine in its entry-level version. Bigger petrol engines should also be offered, as well as turbodiesel options for Europe.

The future Polo SUV will be a sort of world car, being produced and sold in emerging markets as well as in Europe and very likely in the USA, where B segment SUVs are blooming. It will be aroung 4.20 m long, just like the new Audi Q2, its older brother. Or the rich people’s Polo SUV.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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