Porsche presents the new 718 Cayman at the Beijing Motor Show

The most important Chinese auto event, the Beijing Motor Show, is getting more and more attention of car makers. And the best sign of its importance is that Porsche has chosen it as the main stage for the new 718 Cayman presentation.

The new car follows the presentation, in January, of the first 718, the Boxster. Both of them have the same engine offer for the first time. In other words, they are powered by a 2.0 4-cylinder petrol turbocharged engine behind its two seats that develops 221 kW and  380 Nm between 1,950 rpm and 4,500 rpm. And that is the entry-level version of the 718 models. The 718 Boxster and Cayman S will have a 2.5 4-cylinder petrol turbocharged unit able to generate 257 kW and  420 Nm from 1,900 rpm until 4,500 rpm.


Porsche-718-Cayman-6 Porsche-718-Cayman-3

There is word that Porsche is preparing a 1.6 4-cylinder engine for a cheaper 718 which would produce around 150 kW. The 2.5, on the other hand, is said to be able to reach 300 kW, what leads us to believe even stronger 718 models can be revealed until 2018, when the next generation is expected to appear, giving birth to an Audi version of the car, called R6.


With the same engine options, the new 718 Boxster and Cayman could present performance differences due to their body types. Curiously, they don’t. The 718 Cayman and the Boxster can reach 100 km/h from standstill in 4.7 s and its top speed is 275 km/h. The 718 Boxster S and Cayman S do the same in 4.2 s and can attain 285 km/h. Fuel consumption has dropped with the new 4-pot units and is also the same for both: with the PDK gearbox, the 718 Cayman delivers 6.9 l/100 km and the Cayman S needs 7.3 l/100 km.


The interior of the cars has also been modified, with air vents in the upper part of the dash panel and the PCM (Porsche Communication Management) as a standard feature. It includes Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phones and a 150-watt Sound Package Plus. It is possible to extend the PCM’s capabilities with options, such as the navigation module and the Connect module, which includes USB ports, Apple CarPlay and Porsche Car Connect.


The 718 Cayman has another first: it is cheaper than the 718 Boxster. It will cost € 51,623 in Germany, while the 718 Cayman S will be priced at € 64,118. The 718 Boxster, which will only be put for sale in April 30, 2016, will cost € 53,646, while the 718 Boxster S will cost € 66,141.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

I have been an automotive journalist since 1998 and have worked for many important Brazilian newspapers and magazines, such as the local edition of Car and Driver and Quatro Rodas, Brazilian's biggest car magazine. I have also worked for foreign websites, such as World Car Fans and won a few journalism prizes, among them three SAE Journalism Awards and the 2017 IAM RoadSmart Safety Award. I am the author of "The Traffic Cholesterol", a book about bad drivers that you can buy at Hotmart, Google Play, Amazon and Kobo.

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