Tesla will restyle the Model S. And increase its price to make room for the Model 3 – UPDATED

Today Tesla will present the restyled Model S, but the site Electrek has already obtained images of the restyling after having warned about the change last December. The strategy is simple: the restyled sedan will present a front end that looks like the one on the Model X and will have a price raise in order not to kill the stronger versions of the future Model 3. Or be killed by it, considering the success the new vehicle has presented solely on reservations.


The rendering above, also made by Electrek, has been confirmed by the pictures they have obtained from a reader. He has photographed the new images placed on a Tesla store close to his home, which is already replacing the old images of the car for the new one. If you do not remember how the Model S currently looks, the image below will help revive your memory.


Just like it has done with the Model 3, Tesla is eliminating the front openings present in combustion engine vehicles. There is no radiator there in need of fresh air. Why reproduce a necessary design feature from common cars if Tesla’s are anything but common? Exactly.

Among the changes, a new 100 kWh battery pack should make it into the new Model S. The new battery pack would not only improve performance, but also the total range. It could reach 300 miles (483 km), or one that most combustion engine cars would offer. Expect for more news on the new Model S later today.



The Tesla Model S has been updated today, but changes are limited to the appearence and to a new air filtering system, the same one offered by the Model X. It is said to filter at least 99.97% of pollution particulates and all bacteria or allergens present in the air.


tesla-model-s-restyling-5 tesla-model-s-restyling-6

Besides that, the new Model S features full LED adaptive headlamps, with a new design, similar to the presented by the Model X headlamps, a 48 amps standard charger, instead of the 40 amps, allowing for faster charging, and a price increase of US$ 1,500.



Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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