LEAKED! – This is the new Renault Fluence, denounced by its owner’s manual!

When the first 3-box prototype based on the Mégane IV started to appear, we brought you the news. It was in November 2015. The car is now close to presentation and more frequently seen on the streets, but still under camouflage. But not in its owner’s manual, as the one that has leaked and was first published by RNews.cz. Check the image above.


CMF-CD or C platform?

The new sedan, which could retain the name Fluence or be called Mégane Sedan, should use the CMF-CD platform. But it is larger than the Mégane IV. While the station wagon has a wheelbase of 2.67 m, the sedan’s is 2.71 m. It is just 1 cm larger than the Fluence, at 4.63 m long, and 2 cm wider, at 2.05 m (counting rear-view mirrors). This may be an indication it still uses the same Nissan C platform that also underpins the Nissan Sentra.


Engines will very likely be the same ones used by the new Mégane IV, such as the turbodiesel Energy dCi 90, 110 and 165, for the GT version, and the petrol engines Energy TCe 100, 110 and 205. A hybrid diesel version, promised for 2017 for the hatchback version, should also be offered in the sedan. Manual and double-clutch automated transmissions will be available.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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