This is the new Renault Sport Twingo GT!

Renault Sport has finally unveiled the mysterious car it showed piece by piece last week. It is the new Twingo GT, as we have informed it could be named. And it makes sense that it is called GT instead of RS: its 81 kW and 170 Nm of torque, extracted from the 0.9 TCe engine, are not so impressive that it deserves to be named RS, even if they may be quite fun in a vehicle that weighs 943 kg, is rear-wheel drive and has a rear engine, such as the Twingo.


Renault_Twingo_GT_1 Renault_Twingo_GT_2

The Twingo GT will be fully and officially presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, from June 23 up to June 26, 2016. Meanwhile, all we get to know is that it has 17-inch wheels, a lower height, aluminum pedals, a variable-assist power steering and a single air scoop on the left side of the car, above the left rear wheel arch. Remember the regular Twingo is 3.59 m long, 1.64 m wide, 1.55 m tall and has a wheelbase of 2.49 m.


Renault_Twingo_GT_6 Renault_Twingo_GT_4

The car is orange and features the new Orange Piment paint. We will have to wait a little longer to have more details on suspension and brake upgrades. They are the ones that must make a difference in turning the Twingo into a GT.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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