LEAKED! – Katech may have uncovered the new C8 Zora, the mid-engine Corvette

We have always heard a lots of rumors about a new mid-engine Corvette. These rumors follow the Corvette since it was created, but they have become stronger. We have recently seen a mule. Some even say that it would be a Cadillac, and not a Corvette. Luckily, GM Inside News was fast enough to print screen the image above at the Katech website. It has already been removed. More than the image, it is what is written that interests us. And it reads C8 Corvette ZR1/Zora. Right below that, Zora LT5. It confirms not only the mid-engine Corvette, but also the engine that may power it: a new LT5.


The LT5 was the engine that powered the Corvette C4 ZR-1. It was a small block, but it was so different from all the other Chevrolet 350 engines that many do not even deem it as a real small block. The all-aluminium 5.7-liter V8 was designed by Lotus engineering and built by Mercury Marine. Its main characteristic was the DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft), with 4 valve for each cylinder, in a total of 32. Most Corvette engines use OHV (Over Head Valve), with push rods. Summing up, expect for a DOHC V8 for the mid-engine Corvette.

The image that Katech has used is not exactly new. It has appeared in a video from Velocity. The one below. You can forward it to 1:20, when the designer Christine Park starts to talk.

The interesting part is that it may be the C8 Zora, named as a tribute to Zora Arkus-Duntov, an all time supporter of the mid-engine Corvette. But it may also a Cadillac. GM Authority reminded us of an interview from Cadillac’s CEO, Johan de Nysschen, stating that he company may have a halo car based on the new C8. When it comes to scale, it makes perfect sense.

We’ll keep you posted about the new supercar. It seems it is getting closer everyday.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

I have been an automotive journalist since 1998 and have worked for many important Brazilian newspapers and magazines, such as the local edition of Car and Driver and Quatro Rodas, Brazilian's biggest car magazine. I have also worked for foreign websites, such as World Car Fans and won a few journalism prizes, among them three SAE Journalism Awards and the 2017 IAM RoadSmart Safety Award. I am the author of "The Traffic Cholesterol", a book about bad drivers that you can buy at Hotmart, Google Play, Amazon and Kobo.

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