Lamborghini introduces the Centenario Roadster at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance

When Lamborghini presented the Centenario, back at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, last March, it also promised a drop top version of the homage to Ferruccio. It has just appeared, at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. This is the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. And all its 20 units have already been sold at the cost of € 2 million each. Taxes are not included.


The Centenario Roadster is 50 kg heavier than the coupé, due to body reinforcements. It weighs 1,570 kg, while the hard top is a 1,520 kg machine. The other measures are apparently the same: 4.92 m long, 2,06 m wide, 1.14 m high and 2.70 m wheelbase.

Mighty V12


Both the coupé and the roadster are powered by a 6.5 V12 engine that produces 566 kW at 8,500 rpm and 690 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Basically the same one used by the Aventador, the car over which the Centenario has been developed. The only difference is the engine rotation in which maximum power appears: 8,250 rpm for the Aventador LP 700-4, 8,400 rpm for the LP 750-4 and 8,500 rpm for the Centenario, named LP 770-4.


The Centenario Roadster is slightly slower than the coupé, both due to the additional 50 kg and to the worse aerodynamics: 2.9 s from 0 to 100 km/h, while the coupé does the same in 2.8 s. Top speed for both cars is above 350 km/h. And the braking distance is amazing: 100 km/h to total halt in 31 m.

Rare and expensive


Lamborghini_Centenario_Roadster_5 Lamborghini_Centenario_Roadster_3

We are sorrow Lamborghini has not decided to take the number 100 as the reference about production as well. Instead of 100 units of the Centenario, there will be only 40, of which 20 are Centenario Roadster units. Some may claim they are 60 cars shorter than expected. One more reason for the only 40 produced to cost even more as collectibles than they are as new vehicles.


Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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