Will the VW new unibody midsize pickup concept be called Tarok? Makes sense…

Volkswagen revealed it will present a new unibody midsize pickup concept at the São Paulo Motor Show. After that, there are many thinhs we already know about it. Besides the image that the automaker revealed, we are also aware it will be built over the MQB modular architecture. But not only that. It will also be based on the new VW Tarek C-segment crossover, also known as Tharu in some markets. And that’s because Volkswagen already has a B-segment unibody pickup, called Saveiro. The new pickup must cover the gap between Saveiro and Amarok, a body-on-frame midsize vehicle. The Brazilian magazine Auto Esporte suggests it will be named Tarok. And the name makes a lot of sense.

Volkswagen Tharu, which will be named Tarek in South America

First of all, because it will be derived from the Tarek. Tarok is the name of a Nigerian tribe. In terms of meaning, it has nothing to do with Tarek, but they have a resemblance in writing, what creates a connection between both products. The first midsize pickup from Volkwagen was a rebadged Toyota Hilux named Taro, another name that is similar to Tarok. And the endind makes it seem like a distant parent of Amarok. A smaller one, if you prefer.

Linguistically speaking, the name is adequate. And a unibody pickup based on a C-segment SUV would be the perfect competitor to the Fiat Toro, the vehicle Volkswagen aims to beat with the new pickup. Will it really be named Tarok? We’ll know that next week, when the São Paulo Motor Show reveals it.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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