Production Renault Arkana is registered in Brazil

The new Renault Arkana has been presented at the Moscow Auto Show back in August, 2018. Although it was meant to be a show car, many bet the production version would look exactly the same. And they were right, as patent images registered in Brazil show the car is very close to the concept.

Renault Arkana, presented at the Moscow Auto Show

If you compare the image above with the main one, you see no differences. Mostly because the patent images of the entire car are from the concept. The differences are not there, but in the parts patents, such as the one below.

Renault Arkana in production guise is registered in Brazil

Did you see the sides of the front bumper? They show the option with fog lamps and the one without them, probably a cheaper one. The rear side mirrors have also been revealed.

Renault Arkana in production guise is registered in Brazil

Go through our gallery and you will see other details, such as head and tail lights, which are very close to the ones presented by the concept. The Arkana is 4.54 m long and is expected to have a 2.70 m wheelbase. It has been created to replace the Renault Fluence in most Renault markets where the C-segment sedan was sold. It is almost the same move Ford has done in the USA towards SUVs, even if not as stressed as Ford’s.

Renault Arkana

The new crossover is expected to be built over the same platform currently used by Duster, the B0, possibly with some improvements.

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