How (and why) MotorChase was born

MotorChase is an idea that has matured for years before becoming the reality you now witness. It first beared the names MotorDicas, in Portuguese, and MotorTips, in English. Both created in August 2008 and meant to help people choose the best car for their needs. But they had to share my time with other jobs and priorities and never moved on to the next level, even if they did help some people making the right choices.

There are many car news websites around the world that are really well built, with great writers and photographers that make them engaging pieces of work. Readers love them, but most have not focused on what I deem as the most important purpose of news: help people make decisions. And car buying decision is crucial in most countries. Not only because cars tend to be so expensive (in some countries more that in others), but also due to their precious loads. In other words, you and your family.

A car that is sold in Europe is generally much safer than the same car sold in other parts of the world, specially in poor countries with no crash test controls. Some places pay more on worse vehicles. A car that is presented in Asia today may be sold in dozens of other countries in a matter of months, something that can be credited to globalization and also to mass production needs, such as huge scales. It was clear that MotorChase had to have a global reach. And that there was still room for it.

When I started considering my own news website, I tried to remember everything that would make it different and special. That would allow it to entertain, but also to help. It had to be useful and attractive in equal parts, as a 50:50 mass balance in each axle. This is what makes many vehicles great to drive. Why not try to achieve this balance in MotorChase?

The name comes from the idea that most of us cannot renounce the liberty that an automobile provides, despite all groups that try to make it the cigarette of the 21 century. It represents individual tastes and possibilities as no other invention has ever achieved. It may not have to use a combustion engine, but it will still be a car. And there will be people willing to have one for a long time, even with the necessary changes it will face.

Chasing the right car for your needs is never an easy task. It is not only a matter of taste, but also of the money you can spend to have it, of how much you will have to keep putting in after you buy it and mainly if it fits your profile. Do you really need an SUV to pick up the kids at school? Or would a much smaller, cheaper and safer vehicle be a better choice? This is what MotorChase wants to help you with. Even if it implies showing you that the car you have chosen is not the best one.

MotorChase is written both in English, for the sake of a global reach, and in Portuguese, my mother tongue. It is probably the first international website edited in Brazil (so far). It will always use metric system units, such as Nm, KW, kg, l, cm and m, which are for the measuring universe the same thing English is for the communication environment: it widens the amount of people that can get the message without the need of translation (or conversion). This website may even help make it more popular, who knows? Its aim is to be accessible to everyone.

MotorChase is a completely independent website. It will never feature sponsored or branded content. Credibility demands it. All its advertisement will come, most of the time, from sources not directly related to the automotive world. And advertisement from carmakers or suppliers will never interfere with news, be certain about it. The goal for it is to bring news in high speed, with a critical analysis of the facts and the impact they will have.

After this brief presentation, I hope you enjoy MotorChase’s content and spread its news to friends and family. This is the most important help you can offer, besides your own audience. Be very welcome!


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